The sun in a tear [di Luca Favaro] di Sismondi Editore

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For a long time in my life, my nursing profession was pretty much all for me. I was tormented by depression, and I had found in taking care of the sick the only valid reason to stay in this world. It was during that time that I met wonderful people that I was lucky to accompany, even though so much effort, to the threshold of eternity, and I had to let them go, with serenity, with a sense of liberation, but also with sadness and sorrow. This book, taken from my personal diary, collects their stories. Among its lines, you can hear their voices, you can breathe their pain, but you can also be impregnated by their optimism, by their hope, by their desire to say “yes” to life. This book is very important for me, because this is my way to tell them: “Thank you”.


Real and very moving stories of people who faced with courage the worst moment of their existence. The story of a nurse, that spent himself taking care of them. Stories of  true friendship, in which sometimes is difficult to understand who is the real sick, and who’s the care giver. Stories that teach that love is the deepest need of every human being, the deepest essence from which every soul is born, and to which every soul returns.


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Luca Favaro was born in Treviso, Italy, where he’s working as a nurse and is engaged in volunteering. He lives with his family, writes, sings, plays and prays in Breda di Piave (TV). In Italy he has published three books of short stories and a novel: “Il tempo senza ore” that won several prizes. “The sun in a tear” is the American version of his first book: “Il sole in una lacrima”.